About Country Hell 


Country Hell is a mighty musical collective and the brainchild of Russia's finest rock, country and even classical musicians who have decided to modernize the iconic country sound.


The result they got looks like epic meeting of Willie Nelson and Jay-Z, Garth Brooks and Kid Rock - or say Lynyrd Skynyrd band that accompanies for Merle Haggard, you name it.













In the international music arena “Country Hell” is promoted by George Palmov - the legendary leader of the "Kukuruza" band that blasted America with Russian country music in nineties.


Country Hell's bright'n'sharp melodies, killing riffs and hurricane-like show  will never leave anyone indifferent, be this a fan of classic country music or a hard- and glam-rock.

Country Hell — 99 Problems 

Country Hell herewith confirms that this video would never come to life without Anna "Princess" Chekasina and her luxury electroviolin, Andrey Lagunov - director of photography, Roman Dovgilevich and his incredible bus (the green one, yeah)), Eugene Matuzov from Avanpost ranch and his awesome ranch, Rita Zolkina and her beautiful "Sweet West Show" cowgirls, brutal "Street Boys" and their dance and drink and fight, and - last but not least - incredible Sergey Novikov with his excellent violin sounds!!!



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Country Hell - Live at Visagino Country 2016